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History clearly shows that everyone living in New England must consider tropical storms and hurricanes a serious threat. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with wind speeds of 74 miles per hour or greater that spiral in a large counter clockwise rotation around a relatively calm center. A hurricane produces measurable damage from high winds, torrential rains, flying debris and storm surges. The great 1938 hurricane had sustained winds of 160 mph when it made landfall on Long Island, New York. In 1985, Hurricane Gloria arrived first on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with winds speed of 145 mph. Hurricane Gloria then traveled north and over Long Island finally coming ashore near Bridgeport, Connecticut with sustained wind speeds of over 100 mph. In the fall of 1995, Hurricane Bob came ashore near New Bedford, Massachusetts with sustained winds of 110 mph.

High winds, water and flying debris are the primary cause of property damage from tropical storms and hurricanes. The force from tropical storm and hurricane winds can turn unanchored items into deadly missiles, causing unprotected glass windows, entry doors and garage doors to be damaged or broken. Once a window or door is compromised, there is no barrier to keep out wind, water and flying debris. When wind enters a building it will cause an increase in pressure that could potentially push walls outwards or lift off the roof. In addition, water damage can be extensive.

Storm panels, hurricane shutters and hurricane screens are products designed to protect and limit damage to window and door openings caused by high winds, water and flying debris. These products will also help secure your home when you are away for extended periods of time.

Experts all agree that if you do not protect all the windows and doors of your home or business, they may fail when a major storm with high winds hits your area. If the doors and windows in your home or business fail, you will have severe wind and water damage which could be very costly to repair or replace. Without storm protection you may not be able to live in or use your home or business after the storm passes.

Shouldn't you be protecting your investments? Northeast Storm Protection carries a full line of tested, certified and approved hurricane and security protection products which will protect your family, home and business from damage created during a tropical storm or hurricane by high winds, water and flying debris.

It's not a question if a tropical storm or hurricane will come; it's a question of whether you are adequately prepared to protect your family, home and business when the storm arrives.


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